Safe welcome

In order to protect the health of our guests and collaborators, we at Quintino Sella scrupulously adhere to the regulations in place for the containment of the contagion of Covid-19.
The refuge is characterized by the sharing of spaces and this aspect makes it so special. To allow you to enjoy this ambiance in complete safety, we pay even more attention to prevention and hygiene than before. To ensure everyone's safety, we kindly request your cooperation.

- Come to the mountains only if you are HEALTHY, without any flu-like symptoms, fever or even a common cold.
- ALWAYS book your place in the refuge, even if you bring your own tent.
- It is MANDATORY to bring and to use your own mask, disposable gloves and hand sanitizing gel.
- Follow the directions of the managers at all times to facilitate their work and make your stay more pleasant.

- Sanitize blankets, mattress covers, slippers and toilets by spraying products containing alcohol, sodium hypochlorite or hydrogen peroxide.
- Provide you with a kit of disposable sheets and, if you are using a personal sleeping bag, we will take care of sanitizing it before use.
- Organize the rooms and the dining room so that it is possible to maintain social distancing of at least one meter, with the exception of families or organized groups who, on their own responsibility, request otherwise.
- Provide sanitizing gel for hands at the entrance of the common areas and rooms.
- Put on the surgical mask and wash your hands often with soap and water.
- Prepare tables with disposable tablecloth sets, wash the dishes at 80°C, sanitize tables and chairs at each change of guest.