At Quintino Sella we are passionate about tasty and authentic things. Therefore, we offer a selection of dishes with a high nutritional value, simple and genuine, to meet the needs of sportsmen and climbers.
We select the best quality products from the local area. For example, we offer meat from the Alliod butcher, who raises and butchers in Val d’Ayas, as well as some fruit of the vegetable gardens downstream and goat cheese of Champoluchèvre. The pasta is homemade and every day we offer a choice of dishes of the day.
Reservations are appreciated.
Lunch is served from 11.00 to 16.00.


Staying a night at 3585 meters is a unique experience!
Starting from the unusual situation of sharing a room. We offer as much space as possible, but, as we know, the structures in the mountains are often small and the guests are many. This calls for the spirit of adaptation! Being already high up at sunrise is priceless.
Dinner is substantial and includes a first course of pasta or vegetable soup, a second course and a dessert. We are attentive to the needs of vegetarians, vegans and those with food intolerances or allergies. We kindly request you to inform us at the time of booking.
Breakfast is mostly sweet, with bread, jam, butter, biscuits and cereal, and accompanied by tea, coffee or hot chocolate. A salty snack is included, which this year will be offered packaged to ensure maximum safety.


Upon request, we also prepare thermoses and picnics for your trip on the following day.
We kindly request for your cooperation of delivering the thermoses after dinner the day before and ordering the sandwiches you prefer!


Not only "Apéro delle Guide"! Starting from this year, we offer an all Italian aperitif rite to all our guests. A careful selection of wines and saucers of delicious single-portion snacks awaits you.


For one month, from mid-July to mid-August, the Ferrino material testing field is active. It is a real high altitude laboratory for testing tents, sleeping bags and mattresses. You have the opportunity to offer your personal feedback of the experience.
With this excursion you can take advantage of the services of the refuge, having a free accommodation.
Reservations are required. Tents and mattresses will be tested this year following the Covid-19, containment regulations. Please bring your own sleeping bag!


Like all shelters, we have the emergency equipment available for those who need it. However, we recommend that you check that you have all the necessary materials and that they are in good condition prior to your arrival.