The Lyskamm Nose 4.272 mt.

The path crosses the Felik Glacier to reach the Lys Glacier and, to the south of Lyskamm, and starts climbing diagonally on the west side of the Naso (40° slope) until it reaches the Passo del Naso.  From here, it goes to the left along a short slope to reach the snowy ridge, and subsequently climbs up to the right on an easy mixed ridge to reach the summit at 4,272 meters.
The path of descent is identical to that of ascent to return to the Quintino Sella Refuge.  To do the crossing, the path goes down the east side of the Naso until it merges with the path of descent onto the Lys Glacier and reaches the Gnifetti refuge.

Recommend season: from mid-June to mid-September
Climbing time: 4.3 hours